Dynamic Multileaf Collimators (DMLC)

An extension for conventional linear accelerators to generate most complex dose distributions.

The configuration of radiation fields with Multileaf Collimators in connection with high speed linear accelerators is an important factor in the development of the intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). This is used e. g. for the sliding window technique: The sliding window technique is a form of DMLC-IMRT in which the window formed by each opposing pair of leaves traverses across the tumor volume while the beam is on. The lamellas of the DMLC move continuously with variable speed to change the geometry of the radiation field. Validating the lamella positions for each segment represents one of the largest challenges.

The development of the DMLC in the year 2001/2002 by Euromechanics accelerated the progress of conformal stereotactic radiation therapy. The DMLC is a removable Multileaf Collimator with computer-controlled, dynamic leaves. With DMLC it is possible to establish a direct connection between the collimator and the used linear accelerator in order to be able to re-adjust intensity-modulated fields dynamically. The DMLC allows a much more efficient spreading of the dose. By optimizing the field size a very high dose can be applied to the target volume while the nearby risk organs only receive a mild dose.

Modern development creates compatibility: The DMLC is independent of platforms

With this development we attached particular importance to the following: The DMLC is the first to upgrade any Linac to perform IMRT at its fullest extend – Dynamic Arc Modulation IMRT! It’s own Gantry Sensor represents a special characteristic, so the collimator can be adjusted to every linear accelerator. Furthermore inverse planning as well as treatment time can be crucially shortened because of the dynamic management of the leaves.