Dynamic Multileaf Collimators (DMLC) – Technical Details


Technical Details

  • 48 motorized leaves with motor and encoder, 24 pairs
  • Leaf height: 8 cm
  • Leaf material: tungsten
  • Leaf transmission: < 1%
  • Leaf maximum speed (at isocenter): 1cm/s
  • Individual motor and encoder for each leaf
  • Double focused leaves (AB abd GT direction)
  • Supports any Linac
  • Fast mounting, dismounting
  • Three different models with 3mm, 5mm or 7mm leaf thickness at isocenter (dependent on LINAC type) to gain a larger homogeneity in target shaping and sparing critical volumes
  • All three DMLCs with the same interface to Linac
  • Maximum field size at isocenter: 10 cm x 12 cm (dependent on LINAC type)
  • Small dosimetric penumbra: 1mm (isocenter)
  • Gantry slope sensors for most precise measurements of gantry speed and position
  • Shorter treatment time for complex intensity modulated beam
  • Reduction of dosimetric errors